Visões Urbanas 2013 – grupos participantes
Chrysalis - Cia Jordi L. Vidal  Bélgica
Transistor - Cia Marrafa - Portugal/Bélgica
Ver [ ] ter - Le Comedians Tropicales - Brasil
Dafne per una mitologia urbana - Cia Arearea - Italia
Ele - Rodrigo Caffer - Brasil
This Space Ocupied - Maida Withers Dance - EUA
Carne e Pedra - Cia Gente - Brasil
micro Resistências #1  - …Avoa!- Brasil
Otre La Luna  Marta Bevilacqua - Italia/Inglaterra
Desencaixado  Luis Arrieta - Brasil
Blondy’s Coffee  Entremans - Espanha
Fluxos em Preto e Branco - Cia Flutuante - Brasil
Svarta Rosor - Sacred Places - Belgica
Whirling Duet - Badora Dance Company - Hungria
Long distance - Art Mouv/Zone Libre - França
Visões Urbanas
São Paulo - Brazilia
de 22 a 31 de março 2013

Urban Visions International Dance Festival at Urban Landscapes

INDIVIduo "Svarta Rosor"

Yentl de Werdt dances all her live and Mieke Segers loves Sibelius, Berlioz and Rachmaninov. Together they go in search of an harmonious presentation where movement and tone become a story. Svarta Rosor, which means Black Roses in Swedish, is a story about the contrasts within human beings: Playfulness and seriousness, nostalgia and resignation, nature and lightness, love and emptiness ....

A performance full of contemporary dance and classical singing. Pure and no noise from outside. For everyone to dream away.

Choreograpphy: Yentl de Werdt, Mieke Segers & Ben. De Keyser. Performers: Mieke Segers (voice) and Yentl de Werdt (dance)

Duration: 20min. Minimum space: 8m x 6m

This performance is supported by
Sacred Places vzw. Belgium










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Sao Paulo, Brazilia”

Het project “INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor” vliegt over de grote plas. We brengen onze productie Svarta Rosor op Visões Urbanas, a international Dance Festival at Urban Landscapes, São Paulo.

Het project “INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor” is uitgenodigd op
“The Black Box International Theatre & Dance”
in Plovdiv, Bulgarije.

We brengen onze voorstelling op woensdag 5 juni
in The Chamber Hall – Plovdiv Drama Theatre, samen met:

Second Hand Landscapes – Legitimate Bodies Dance Company – Ireland

Second Hand Landscapes is inspired by life in the Irish Midlands. The latest piece by Legitimate Bodies Dance Company, Second Hand Landscapes, is athletic yet emotional, powerful yet intimate, courageous yet accessible. Choreographers: Cristina Goletti and Nick Bryson 

Zona de arribo – Solo by Nidia Barbieri – Argentina/Italy

Zona de arribo is a choreographic work created in 2011. The idea for this piece started with the question “How do I use this space?” Nidia Barbieri was born in Argentina and has lived in Brussels since 2011. Her principal language of expression is contemporary dance. She was a guest dancer at the Solo Conversations Dance Collective (2012 Festival des Arts Forains in Namur, Belgium).

Svarta Rosor – Sacred Places – Belgium

Svarta Rosor is a performance full of contemporary dance and classical singing. Sacred Places devises original concepts and operates small and large multidisciplinary projects. Choreography: Yentl de Werdt, Mieke Segers and Ben. De Keyser.

This guest performance is supported by the Belgian Embassy in Bulgaria.

Sacred Places in Zuid-Amerika

“Sacred Places

  in INDIA”

Het project “INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor” is uitgenodigd op het

“Prayatna Film & Dance Festival” in Pune, India. We combineren de voorstelling met workshops gegeven door Mieke en Yentl.

Schedule for 2013

‘INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor’ in Porto, Portugal

Het project INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor was uitgenodigd op het “Harmos Festival” in Porto. We brachten onze voorstelling op vrijdag 27 en zaterdag 28 september 2013 op drie locaties.

Meer info op

City of Wings - Ypres
Belgium - 04-2014

Harmos Festival - Porto
Portugal - 09-2013

Prayatna Dance Festival - Pune
India -  04-2013

Black Box Festival - Plovdiv
Bulgarije - 06-2013

Visões Urbanas - São Paulo
Brazilia - 03-2013

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Belgium - 12-2012

RE:converse - Beringen
Belgium - 11-2012

Open Monumentendag Leuven
Belgium - 09-2012

Ladeuze Bells - Leuven
Belgium - 08-2012

Dag van de Open Kerken
Leuven - Belgium - 06-2012

KIK - IRPA museum - Brussel
Belgium - 05-2012

Svareta Rosor