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It’a Beautifull World
Mapping on Wheels


It’s a Beautiful World
Mapping on Wheels


In these times of COVID19, people are limited in their freedom of movement ...
their world of experience becomes smaller and focuses more on the immediate living environment ... international travel is limited ...

That is why we bring the world to the city ... by means of projections of exotic landscapes on the Leuven Heritage. The city is central, its buildings and monuments are “in the picture” ...

A site-specific project, tailored to the locations we select on a predetermined route.

Corona-proof: we project onto the track from a slow-moving transport ... that doesn’t stop, so the audience doesn’t get a chance to congregate.

To reach (and spread) enough people, the course can be ridden two to three times per evening.

car + trailer ... seven projectors that are aimed and focused while driving ... the video content is adjusted per location ... with adapted live soundtracks ...