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INDIVIduo is a concept in which a singer and a dancer are brought together to make a new creation.

The singer (male/female) sings a cappella (without instruments), the dancer (male/female) dances contemporary or other style. Together they create a unique and personal performance, with respect for each other's abilities and cultural background.

The chemistry between the two artists
is the heart and soul of the performance.

Each INDIVIduo:

-  stands on his own, they are small, versatile, mobile productions;
-  has the capability to adapt to the location (site-specific);
-  can be combined with other artists and disciplines;
-  is integratable into local projects

With local artists, new INDIVIduo's can be created, customized to your location, culture, or festival.

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Svarta Rosor

Mieke Segers & Yentl de Werdt



INDIVIduo "Svarta Rosor" 

Svarta Rosor is Swedish for black roses: the song expresses his tragic atmosphere in conflicts between lyrical and dramatic sequences, transferred by a deep voice and dance moves that put power in the conflict.

The singer is Mieke Segers, the dancer is Yentl de Werdt. Mieke loves Swedish classical music and Yentl likes to cooperate with other cultures in her dance projects. Svarta Rosor is the result of their quest , together they go in search of an harmonious presentation where movement and tone become a story.

A story about the blossom, initially regretted that he was cut off at its peak of beauty, but rejoiced to decorate the belle of the ball, and able to entice everyone with his perfume. A very quirky performance that sometimes tells a humorous story about two lovers misled by the echo, then a lament about a lost love. In short, a story about playfulness and seriousness, nostalgia and resignation, nature and lightness, love and emptiness ..

A performance full of contemporary dance and classical singing.
Pure, with no noise from outside.

Music Sibelius, Berlioz, Massenet and Rachmaninov
Performers Mieke Segers (voice) and Yentl de Werdt (dance)
Concept Ben. De Keyser

INDIVIduo - Svarta Rosor - Portugal



Sacred Places

+32 476 905 793

Fonteinstraat 96-1

3050 Oud-Heverlee



INDIVIduo Svarta Rosor is available for national and international performances.

The show can be presented inside and outside, in theaters and Dance-, Music- and Street Festivals. On inspiring locations, such as museums, churches, sites with modern architecture, urban landscapes and heritage sites. Open air is no problem.

The duration is 20 minutes. The minimum space is: 8 x 6 meter.

Fee: on request. Depending on number of performances, technique,  travelcosts and accommodation.

Svarta Rosor

INDIVIduo performances

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Belgium - 04-2014

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