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Wafaa Bounoua

- work in progress -



INDIVIduo "Morrocco" 

Performer Wafaa Bounoua

Wafaa is inspired by the singers Oum Kalthoum en Fairuz. Two of the most important voices of the Arabian music of the 20th century, world stars in the Arab world.

Fairuz - ‘Habaytak’

حبيتك - فيروز

Wafaa Bounoua

INDIVIduo - Create Local & Perform Global

Every INDIVIduo is created with a singer and a dancer. 

Each of the INDIVIduo’s stands on his own, it are small, versatile, mobile productions with a lot of possibilities to adapt to the location (site-specific); to combine with other artists; to integrate in local projects.

With the singer (a capella, no instruments) and the dancer (contemporary or other) we create a very personal performance, with a lot of respect for the capacities and cultural background of the performers.

Most important is the chemistry between the two artists, the bond between both performers is the hart & soul of the project.

Oum Kalthoum - ‘Fakarouni’

أم كلثوم - فكروني

Young  Fairuz ‘Habaytak’

حبيتك - فيروز

Fairuz - ‘Ana La Habibi’

فيروز - أنا لحبيبى

Oum Kalthoum - ‘Fakarouni’

أم كلثوم - فكروني

Ouarzazate - ورزازاتy"

Berber: Warzazat.

Translation: noiseless

Arabic nickname:
The Door of the Desert

Ouarzazate is a city in the Souss-Massa-Drâa of southern-central Morocco. Ouarzazate is at an elevation of 1,160 metres in the middle of a bare plateau south of the High Atlas Mountains. To the south of the town is the desert.

The town is chiefly inhabited by Berbers, who constructed many of the prominent kasbahs and buildings for which the area is known.

The roots of
Wafaa Bounoua
lie in Ouarzazate


Amal Maher - ‘Fakarouni’

امال ماهر - فكروني - حفلة


INDIVIduo Morrocco is available for international performances.

We can performe inside in theaters or at inspiring locations, such as musea, churches, modern architecture, urban and heritage sites. Open air is no problem. This performance is perfect for Dance-, Music- and Street Festivals. The duration is about 20 minutes.

The total fee: the fee for artists & creation / the number of performances / the number of days to prepare & perform / travel & hosting cost.

Biladi Demi!

They asked me to tell you about my country

My country is a world of fragrances and colors
With landscapes of intoxicating beauty

My country exudes human warmth
My country is a corner in the sky of the Lord

With landscapes lined with date palms
Mountains with fresh water, rivers forming

My beautiful country, let me feel that I exist
That always welcomes me with open arms

For you I will sing in the four corners of the world
To reveal you, show you, tell you

So others can taste your flavors
Taste your warmth, your authenticity

You who remained faithful to your origins, makes us feel
The happiness, living in the tales of thousand and one night

All Marbib ! Biladi Demi !
Morocco! My country, my blood!

Wafaa Bounoua


Sacred Places

+32 476 905 793


Vital Decosterstraat 4 bus 4

3000 Leuven - Belgium